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Добро пожаловать в Атомный (Nuclear) Café. No fighting in war room, please.

Larry King: What happened with [the Kursk}? Putin: It sank.

7 August
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born on the tail end of the baby boom. work in mental health, but getting kinda tired of that & want to do something else. not sure what yet, though. speak french well enough to talk myself out of going to jail after an accident; german enough to seem smart; a little russian, and not very much spanish at all. an inveterate soviet-o-phile. note that i did not say russophile, although i am that, too. while a fervent anti-communist (you won't see me dancing on joe mccarthy's grave along with the left), i have a certain nostalgia for the "red menace behind the iron curtain" and for soviet culture. i am writing a book about children and the cold war. if you would like to help, e-mail me at sirpaulfan at comcast dot net.